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  • Variety of users
  • Easy to use
  • Lack of trustworthiness
  • Risk of being exposed
  • Financial cost involved
  • No guarantee for successful matchmaking
  • Time consuming


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Illicit Encounters Review: What You Need to Know


Illicit Encounters is an online dating platform that provides a discreet and secure environment for married people to explore their desires. It was launched in 2003 by the UK-based company, Venntro Media Group, with the aim of helping those who are already committed but looking for something more out of life. The app has become increasingly popular over time due to its unique features such as anonymous messaging and profile verification systems which ensure users’ privacy remains intact while they search for potential partners or friends.

Who can you find on this app? Illicit Encounters caters mainly to adults aged 25-45 who are either married or in long term relationships but looking for someone else outside their current relationship without having any strings attached. Users have access to profiles from all around the world so there’s no shortage of options when it comes finding compatible matches according your preferences – whether it be age, gender identity/orientation etc..

How many active users are on Illicit Encounters and how it was launched? Since its launch 17 years ago, IllicitEncouters has grown exponentially with millions of registered members across five countries: United Kingdom (UK), Ireland (IE), Australia (AU) New Zealand(NZ) & South Africa(ZA). This growth reflects both user satisfaction as well as effective marketing campaigns run by parent company Venntro Media Group Ltd., making sure that everyone knows about this revolutionary service designed specifically with them in mind!

Who owns it and what 5 countries is most popular? As mentioned before ,Venntro Media Group Ltd owns illiciteencounter since 2003 .The 5 countries where illicit encounters is most used includes UK ,Ireland ,Australia Newzealand & south africa .These places have large number if population using illicit encounter daily basis .It’s popularity increases day after day because off these factors like security anonymity offered by site which make feel safe during searching partner throught website

Is the app free to use ? No unfortunately not ! Although registering yourself onto Illecit Encounteris completely free however some services provided require subscription fees depending upon package chosen by user ranging from 1 month upto 12 months plan packages available at different prices starting from £14 per month going up till £90 per year including special offers discounts sometimes available too!.

Does IllicticEncounter have an App ? Yes definitely !! You can download Ilicit Enconuter mobile application directly via Apple Store Google Playstore absolutely FREE OF COST!! Once downloaded simply register yourself into account create profile start browsing other singles nearby instantly chat message connect meetup date enjoy restful evening night together!!!

How Does Illicit Encounters Work?

Illicit Encounters is an online dating app that provides a platform for people to find and connect with potential partners. It offers users the ability to search through profiles of like-minded individuals, as well as browse photos and videos. The app also allows members to chat in real time, exchange messages, share stories and experiences all within a secure environment. Users can easily filter their searches by age range or location so they can quickly locate someone who meets their criteria from any country around the world – including over 5 million users from five countries: United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

The registration process on Illicit Encounters is simple; once you have created your profile it will be available for other members to view immediately after sign up confirmation has been completed via email verification link sent out upon registering an account with them. After creating your profile you are able to add information about yourself such as physical attributes (height/weight), lifestyle habits (smoking/drinking) etc., which helps narrow down possible matches even further based on what type of person one may be looking for in terms of relationship compatibility levels desired between two parties involved in said interaction(s).

In addition there are various features available when using this application such as “Encounters” where each user gets presented with several different pictures at random intervals throughout their day – allowing them quick access into seeing if anyone catches their eye without having spent too much time searching manually through thousands upon thousands of profiles themselves individually – thus saving valuable amounts of energy expended during tedious manual labor processes associated traditionally found elsewhere when attempting similar tasks involving large scale data analysis operations normally required otherwise!

Moreover another great feature provided here would include private messaging options which allow those interested parties communicate directly back & forth while still maintaining anonymity until both sides feel comfortable enough exchanging personal contact details outside boundaries imposed by third party applications used exclusively therein respectively speaking; not only does this provide safety assurance but also serves double duty providing peace mind knowing conversations had remain confidential between sender recipient alone thereby eliminating chances miscommunication being overheard unintentionally heard others due lack privacy protection protocols established protect interests all concerned stakeholders alike regardless status affiliation pertaining particular matter hand under discussion subjectively considered relative contextually applicable situationally dependent factors influencing decisions made along way journey towards finding ideal match perfect fit individual needs requirements specified outlined prior beginning initial stages exploration mission itself previously initiated before commencement actual communication proper began take place conversationally engaging manner intended facilitate smoother transition eventuality eventuating successful outcome expectedly anticipated originally planned conception outset initiation process start point reached conclusion end goal achieved mutually beneficial satisfaction guaranteed promised deliverables delivered timely fashion satisfactory results attained expectation expectations exceeded surpassed far beyond wildest dreams imagination hoped dreamed could possibly ever achieve given circumstances surrounding case study discussed hereinabove mentioned regarding usage illicit encounters mobile phone application service provider company question issue concern consideration taken note factored final verdict decision rendered regard resolution dispute disagreement conflict arose arisen result misunderstanding misinterpretation occurred concerning technical operational matters dealt handled managed solved problem solution remedy prescribed administered cure ailment affliction suffered endured experienced customer user base population populous collective entirety gathered grouped together class category demographic sector segmented portion society comprised persons same ilk kind nature disposition attitude opinion outlook thought mindset belief system ideology philosophy principle doctrine code conduct moral ethics value judgment judgement set standard measure quality quantity benchmark index rating metric unit comparison basis ranking order priority importance assigned thereto attached related thereto connected linked annexed adjunct appendage supplement sidekick associate affiliate ally friend companion comrade cohort coadjutor colleague confidant crony intimate partner spouse mate significant other soulmate beloved dearest nearest sweetheart honey love cherished treasured darling pet precious cutie pie adorable angel chum buddy pal playmate amigo bosom buddy compadre compatriot consort fellow gang good old chap homie main man my guy number one pardner schoolfellow shipmate sidepiece special somebody steady squeeze true blue true love best half better half closest confidante life partner lifetime lover lifelong mate monogamous paramour ride or die romantic interest stable boyfriend stay faithful girlfriend swain wifelover womanmanwomanlover yokefellow .

  • 1.Discreet and secure messaging system
  • 2. Advanced search filters to find the perfect match
  • 3. Verified member profiles for extra security
  • 4. Anonymous payment options to protect your privacy
  • 5. Member verification process with photo ID check
  • 6. 24/7 customer support team

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the Illicit Encounters app is a straightforward process. First, users will need to provide their email address and create a password before entering some basic information such as age, gender, location and relationship status. Once these details have been submitted they will be asked to complete an extensive questionnaire which includes questions about physical appearance and lifestyle choices in order to help match them with compatible partners. After submitting this form the user can then upload photos of themselves so that other members can see what they look like before deciding whether or not to contact them for further communication. The minimum required age for registering on Illicit Encounters is 18 years old; however it should be noted that there are additional restrictions based upon country-specific laws regarding dating services like this one. Registration itself is free but certain features require payment if you wish access them fully – such as messaging other members directly or seeing who has viewed your profile recently etc..

  • 1.Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • 2. Must provide a valid email address and phone number for verification purposes.
  • 3. Agree to the terms and conditions of Illicit Encounters’ Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Refunds & Cancellations policies before registering an account with us
  • 4. Provide accurate personal information such as gender identity, sexual orientation etc during registration process
  • 5 .Must have access to a webcam in order to verify identity when requested by our customer service team
  • 6 .Create a secure password that meets all security requirements outlined on the website (i.e., 8 characters long including at least one uppercase letter)
  • 7 .Upload photos that are appropriate for public viewing according to Illicit Encounter’s guidelines (no nudity/sexual content allowed). Photos must also meet size restrictions set forth by site administrators 8 .Agree not use any offensive language or post inappropriate comments while using the services provided by Illicit Encounters

Design and Usability of Illicit Encounters

The Illicit Encounters app has a modern design with bright colors and an intuitive layout. The profiles of other users are easy to find, allowing you to quickly search for potential matches in your area. Usability is also excellent; the app is straightforward and simple to use, making it ideal for those who want discreet encounters without any hassle or fuss. With a paid subscription, there are some UI improvements such as additional profile customization options that make it even easier to connect with others on the platform.

User Profile Quality

The user profiles on Illicit Encounters are public, so anyone can view them. Users have the option to set a custom bio and include information about their interests and preferences. There is no “friends” feature or anything similar, but users do have access to privacy settings that allow them to control who sees their profile content. The site also offers Google or Facebook sign-in options for added security against fake accounts. Location info in each profile reveals city names only; there is no indication of distance between users unless they decide to share it themselves through private messages or chat rooms available with premium subscriptions. Premium subscribers may receive additional benefits such as increased visibility of their profiles due higher ranking within search results compared with free memberships


Illicit Encounters is a dating website that caters to people looking for discreet relationships outside of their current relationship. The site has been around since 2003 and offers its users the ability to find potential partners in their area or further away depending on what they are looking for. It also provides an array of features such as messaging, video chat, profile creation and more. One advantage of Illicit Encounters is that it allows members to remain anonymous if they choose; this means no one will know who you’re talking with unless you tell them yourself. Additionally, the site has a wide range of search options so users can easily narrow down results based on age, location or interests etc., making finding someone suitable much easier than other sites might offer. A disadvantage however could be safety concerns; although Illicit Encounters does have measures in place designed to protect its members from harm there may still be risks associated with meeting up with strangers online which should always be taken into consideration before doing so..

At present time there isn’t an app available through IllicitEncouters though some similar services do exist – these apps allow people access many same features as found within the website but often provide additional functionality too (such as push notifications). This makes it easier for those using mobile devices while out-and-about rather than having stay at home near a computer all day long! That said why doesn’t IllecitEncouters currently have an app? Well most likely because creating such software requires considerable resources including both money & personnel – something not every company can afford especially smaller ones like IE where budgets tend limited due lack large userbase/customer base compared larger rivals like Tinder etc…

Safety & Security

Illicit Encounters is a dating app that offers its users the ability to meet and connect with like-minded individuals in an anonymous manner. The security of their platform is taken very seriously, as they strive to ensure that all user accounts are genuine and safe from malicious activity. To achieve this, Illicit Encounters has implemented various verification methods for users such as email address validation, phone number confirmation and photo ID checks. All photos uploaded by members must be manually reviewed before being approved or rejected; AI technology cannot detect inappropriate content so it’s important for them to have human reviewers on board who can make sure only appropriate images are posted onto the site. Furthermore, two-factor authentication (2FA) has been added recently which adds another layer of protection against any potential threats when logging into your account – you will need both your password plus a code sent via SMS or email in order to access it successfully.

In terms of privacy policy at Illicit Encounters there is strict adherence towards GDPR regulations where data collected about each user remains secure within their system; no personal information will ever be shared with third parties without explicit consent given first by said individual(s). They also use SSL encryption technologies across all areas including registration forms & payment pages ensuring maximum safety while browsing through the website/app itself – giving peace of mind knowing one’s private details remain confidential throughout usage time spent here

Pricing and Benefits

Illicit Encounters is an online dating app that allows users to find and connect with other like-minded individuals. The basic version of the app is free, but there are additional features available for a paid subscription.

The premium membership on Illicit Encounters costs £14.99 per month or £119.88 for 12 months if purchased in advance, making it one of the more affordable options when compared to similar services from competitors such as Match and eHarmony which cost around double this amount each month or year respectively . This fee gives access to extra features such as unlimited messaging, priority customer service support and advanced search filters so you can refine your results even further than before – perfect if you’re looking for something specific!

However despite these benefits many people may not feel they need them enough to justify paying out monthly fees over time; fortunately cancellation process is easy should someone decide against continuing their subscription after all – simply go into ‘My Account Settings’ within 24 hours prior expiry date (or up until 7 days afterwards) then click cancel renewal option at bottom right hand corner page – refunds will be issued accordingly too depending upon how much has been already spent since initial signup date (if any).

Overall while having a paid subscription does offer some advantages over using just the free version alone , ultimately whether users really need one depends entirely upon individual preference ; those who don’t mind spending money could benefit from added extras whilst others might prefer sticking with basics instead without breaking bank balance either way !

Help & Support

Illicit Encounters provides a variety of ways to access support. The first way is through the help page on their website, which contains frequently asked questions and answers about using the site. This can be accessed by clicking ‘Help’ at the bottom of any page on Illicit Encounters’ website. The help section also includes information about how to contact customer service if you have more specific queries or issues that need addressing.

You can get in touch with Illicit Encounters via email as well; simply fill out an online form detailing your query and submit it for review by one of their customer service representatives who will respond within 24 hours (usually much sooner). Alternatively, they offer phone support too – just call 020 7953 0937 between 9am-5pm Monday-Friday GMT for assistance from one of their team members over the phone.

Finally, there are plenty of resources available online such as blog posts and articles written by experts in relationships that may provide useful advice when dealing with certain situations related to dating sites like IllicitEncounters . It’s worth checking these out before contacting customer services directly so you know what kind solutions might already exist without having to wait for a response from them!


1. Is Illicit Encounters safe?

Illicit Encounters is a dating website that caters to individuals who are looking for extramarital affairs. While it may seem like an easy way to meet someone outside of your relationship, there are some safety concerns associated with using this type of service. The site does not screen its members and therefore anyone can join without having their identity verified or background checked. This means that you could be meeting up with someone who has lied about their age, gender, marital status or other important information which could put you in danger if the person turns out to be untrustworthy. Additionally, because Illicit Encounters promotes infidelity there is always the risk of getting caught by your partner or spouse which could lead to serious consequences such as divorce proceedings and financial losses due to legal fees and alimony payments etc.. It’s also worth noting that many people have reported being scammed on this website so it pays off doing research before engaging in any sort of activity here as well as exercising caution when interacting with potential partners online.

2. Is Illicit Encounters a real dating site with real users?

Yes, Illicit Encounters is a real dating site with real users. It was founded in 2003 and has since grown to become one of the most popular online dating sites for people looking for extramarital affairs. The website boasts over 1 million members from all around the world who are seeking discreet relationships outside their current relationship or marriage. All profiles on Illicit Encounters are verified by staff so that only genuine singles can join up and make use of its services, ensuring safety as well as privacy when it comes to finding someone special online. With its advanced search filters, messaging system and user-friendly interface, Illicit Encounters makes it easy for anyone to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily without any hassle or fuss involved whatsoever!

3. How to use Illicit Encounters app?

Using the Illicit Encounters app is a simple and straightforward process. First, you will need to download the app from either Google Play or Apple’s App Store. Once downloaded, open up the application and create an account with your personal information such as name, age range and location. You can then start searching for potential matches by using various filters like gender preference, interests or physical attributes that are important to you in a partner.

Once you find someone who seems interesting enough for further contact it’s time to make your move! The messaging feature of Illicit Encounters allows users to chat privately with each other before deciding whether they want take things further offline into real life encounters – be sure not too reveal any sensitive details until both parties feel comfortable doing so! If all goes well during this initial conversation phase then why not arrange something more intimate? That could involve meeting up at one of their suggested locations where members can meet safely away from prying eyes – just remember though that discretion is key when it comes down making these kinds of arrangements on apps like this one!

4. Is Illicit Encounters free?

No, Illicit Encounters is not free. The website requires a subscription fee in order to access the full range of features and services it offers. This includes unlimited messaging with other members, detailed profile creation and searching capabilities as well as access to chat rooms and private photo galleries. Subscription fees vary depending on how long you sign up for; one month costs £29.95 while three months cost £59.85 or six months at £89.70 – all prices include VAT where applicable

5. Is Illicit Encounters working and can you find someone there?

Illicit Encounters is a dating website that caters to people who are looking for extramarital affairs. It has been in operation since 2003 and claims to have over 1 million members worldwide, so it appears to be working well. Whether or not you can find someone there depends on your individual circumstances – the more specific criteria you set when searching for potential partners, the better chance of success you will have. However, with such a large membership base and plenty of features available (including an anonymous messaging system), Illicit Encounters certainly provides users with ample opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals if they choose do so.


In conclusion, Illicit Encounters is a great app for those looking to find partners for dating. The design and usability of the app are intuitive and easy-to-use, making it an enjoyable experience. Safety and security measures are in place to protect users’ data from being shared or stolen. Help & support staff provide assistance when needed via email or phone call which can be quite helpful if you run into any issues with the service. Finally, user profile quality is high as profiles have been verified by moderators so that only real people use this platform – no fake accounts here! All in all, Illicit Encounters offers a secure way to meet potential dates online without compromising your safety or privacy while having fun at the same time!

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