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Meet24: A Comprehensive Review of the Popular Online Dating Spot


Meet24 is a free dating and social networking app that allows users to find, chat with, and meet people from all over the world. It was launched in 2014 by WILDEC LLC., an international software development company based in Russia. Since its launch, Meet24 has become one of the most popular apps for meeting new people online.

Who can you find on this app? With millions of active members worldwide using Meet24 every day to make friends or look for love, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with someone special! The platform caters primarily towards young adults aged 18-35 who are looking for companionship or romantic relationships but it also offers features like group chats so anyone can join regardless of age or relationship status.

How many active users are on Meet 24 and how it was launched? As mentioned before, since its launch back in 2014 ,Meet 24 now boasts more than 10 million monthly active users across five countries: USA , UK , Germany , France & Canada .It’s estimated that about 1/3rdof these user base use the mobile version while 2/3rds access through web browsers such as Chrome & Firefox .

Who owns it and what 5 countries is it most popular ? Wildec LLC ownes this amazing application which provides services mainly concentrated around Europe – United States – Canada – Australia – New Zealand where 80% out off all registered accounts reside at any given time due their popularity within those regions !

Is the App Free To Use ? Yes absolutely ! All basic functions such as messaging other members (including photos) browsing profiles etc..are completely free however if you wish unlock some additional features then they do offer premium subscriptions starting from $9 per month depending upon your region / country specific pricing policy set up by Apple Store / Google Playstore accordingly !

Does Meet 24 have an App ? How Can A User Access It? Yes indeed they have both Android & iOS versions available via respective stores : Google PlayStore (Android) | Apple iTunes Store(iOS). You may download them directly onto your device either manually OR just scan QR code provided below each store link located inside website’s main page https://meet24app dot com

How Does Meet24 Work?

Meet24 is a social media app that allows users to connect with each other and make new friends. It has become one of the most popular apps in recent years, as it offers an easy way for people from all over the world to meet and interact. The key features of Meet24 include messaging, video chat, profile search capabilities, group chats and more.

Users can find profiles on Meet24 by searching through their list of suggested contacts or by entering specific criteria such as age range or location into the search bar. There are two types of users: registered members who have created accounts using their email address; and anonymous visitors who don’t need to create an account but still have access to some basic features like viewing profiles without being able to contact them directly.

The number of active monthly users varies depending on country – there are currently around 10 million active monthly users in India alone! In China there are about 5 million active monthly users while Germany boasts 3 million; Brazil follows closely behind at 2 million; Mexico rounds out this top five countries with 1million+ active user base per month . All these numbers combined demonstrate how powerful this platform really is when it comes connecting people worldwide regardless where they live!

In addition to its large user base across different countries , Meet 24 also provides a variety options for communication between members including text messages , voice calls , video calls & even stickers ! These tools allow individuals not only stay connected but also get creative when expressing themselves which makes conversations much more interesting than usual texting back & forth . Furthermore since everything happens within secure environment you never know what kind friendships will form along way !

Finally another great feature offered by Meet 24 is ability customize your profile page however you want so others can learn bit about yourself before making decision whether add person friend list or not . This gives potential connections opportunity decide if someone worth getting know better based information provided rather than just looks pictures uploaded onto site – something many other similar platforms lack nowadays unfortunately ..

  • 1.Live Chat: Meet24 allows users to instantly connect with each other through live chat.
  • 2. Video Calls: Make video calls and stay connected with your friends, family or special someone anytime you want!
  • 3. Voice Messages: Send voice messages quickly and easily to express yourself in a more personal way than text messaging can offer.
  • 4. Group Chats & Communities: Create group chats for up to 200 people at once, so everyone can be part of the conversation! Plus join communities based on topics that interest you most – from sports teams to movie genres and everything in between!
  • 5 . Location Sharing : Easily share your location with others using Meet24’s integrated GPS feature so they know exactly where you are when meeting up or just keeping track of one another’s whereabouts during the day-to-day activities..
  • 6 . Stickers & Emojis : Express yourself even further by sending fun stickers and emojis directly within conversations for an extra layer of communication without words

Registration – How Easy Is It?

To register on the Meet24 app, users must first download and install it from their respective App Store. After launching the application, they will be asked to provide basic information such as name, age (the minimum required age is 18 years old), gender and email address. Once all of this information has been provided correctly and submitted successfully, a verification link will be sent to the user’s registered email address for confirmation purposes. Upon clicking that link in their inboxes or spam folders within 24 hours of registration time frame, users can start using Meet24 without any further delay; however if not verified within that period then account may get deleted automatically due to security reasons. Registration process is free with no hidden charges whatsoever so one can enjoy its features at zero cost after successful sign up procedure mentioned above.. After submitting details during registration process an automated message containing brief introduction about usage guidelines along with terms & conditions would appear on screen which needs to accept by ticking checkbox before entering into main interface else access might deny depending upon situation even though login credentials are correct ones..

  • 1.User must provide a valid email address
  • 2. User must create an account with a unique username and password
  • 3. Must agree to the terms of service before completing registration
  • 4. Provide basic personal information such as name, age, gender etc
  • 5. Upload profile picture or avatar
  • 6. Optionally add additional details about yourself (interests, hobbies etc) 7 .Verify mobile number for added security measures 8 .Agree to receive promotional emails from Meet24

Design and Usability of Meet24

The Meet24 app has a bright and vibrant design with colors like yellow, blue, green and pink. The user interface is easy to navigate through the different sections of the app. You can easily find profiles of other people by using either search filters or swiping left/right on their profile pictures. Usability wise, it’s quite intuitive as you don’t need any tutorials to use its features; everything is self-explanatory which makes it very convenient for users. If you purchase a paid subscription there are some UI improvements such as more detailed profile information and an ad-free experience that enhances your overall user experience even further!

User Profile Quality

Meet24 is a dating and social networking app that allows users to create profiles, find potential matches, chat with each other and more. The quality of user profiles on Meet24 can vary greatly depending on the individual’s level of engagement in the platform. Generally speaking, most user profiles are public so anyone who has access to the app can view them without needing approval from another user or an administrator. Users have some customization options when it comes to their profile bio but they cannot set a custom one like many other apps allow for today. There isn’t really any "friends" feature as such; however there is a “like” button which acts as an indicator of interest between two people rather than friendship status per se..

When it comes to privacy settings available for users within Meet 24, these are fairly basic compared with what you might expect from similar platforms – although there does appear to be both Google and Facebook sign-in features allowing easier account creation if desired by individuals using those services already . Fake accounts do exist unfortunately though this seems mainly limited at present due primarily because its not yet widely used across all demographics globally . Location info included in your profile includes city only , plus no indication given about distance between users unless explicitly stated elsewhere (i e messages etc ) However , location information can easily be hidden should someone wish their exact whereabouts remain private while still being able search others nearby ..

Finally premium subscriptions offer additional benefits including increased visibility amongst other members ; ability send unlimited messages & photos ; plus gain access exclusive content unavailable otherwise … Allowing subscribers stand out significantly even further among non paying members !


Meet24 is a dating website that allows users to connect with potential partners. The site offers various features, such as chat rooms and profile customization options, which make it easier for users to find the right match. Additionally, Meet24 has an extensive database of members from all over the world who are looking for relationships or casual encounters. One of its main advantages is that it’s free to use and doesn’t require any payment in order to access its services. Furthermore, due to its user-friendly interface and advanced search filters, finding someone compatible on Meet24 can be done quickly without having too much trouble navigating through profiles or filling out long forms. On the other hand however one downside could be that since there isn’t a lot of activity on this particular platform compared with more popular ones like Tinder or Bumble; you may have difficulty connecting with people depending on your location

The difference between using Meet 24’s app versus their website lies mainly in how each operates: while both offer similar features (chatting/messaging), browsing through profiles via mobile device tends take less time than doing so online because apps generally load faster than websites do when accessing data stored within them . As well , most modern phones come equipped with sensors allowing better tracking capabilities which makes searching even more efficient when using an app rather then visiting a web page . In addition , many mobile applications also provide additional functions not available online such as notifications about new messages directly sent straight into your phone – something lacking if only utilizing desktop version instead .

Safety & Security

Meet24 is an app that provides a secure platform for users to meet and interact with each other. The security of the app is taken very seriously, as it strives to protect its users from bots and fake accounts. To ensure this, Meet24 has implemented several verification methods for its users such as email address confirmation or mobile phone number validation when signing up. Additionally, photos uploaded by members are manually reviewed in order to identify any suspicious activity or inappropriate content before being approved on the platform. Furthermore, two-factor authentication (2FA) can be enabled if desired which adds another layer of protection against malicious activities like hacking attempts or data breaches.

In terms of privacy policy compliance, Meet24 takes great care in protecting user information through strict adherence to GDPR regulations and industry standards set forth by leading technology companies around the world including Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines & Google Play Developer Policy Center requirements among others.. All personal data collected during registration process are encrypted using advanced encryption algorithms while all communication between server & client side applications remain secured via TLS/SSL protocols at all times thus providing maximum safety assurance towards customers’ online experience within their service ecosystem

Pricing and Benefits

Is Meet24 Worth Paying For?

Meet24 is a social media app that allows users to connect with people around the world. The basic version of the app is free, but there are additional features available for those who choose to upgrade their account with a paid subscription. So do users really need a paid subscription on Meet24? Let’s take an in-depth look at what it offers and whether or not it’s worth paying for.

Benefits Of A Paid Subscription On Meet 24

A premium membership on meet 24 comes with several benefits:

  • Unlimited access to all features of the application such as messaging, video chat, etc., without any ads interruptions;
  • Access exclusive content from celebrities and influencers; * Increased visibility within search results; * Ability to join group chats where you can interact directly with other members about shared interests or topics of discussion.

The cost for upgrading your account varies depending on how long you want your plan be active – one month costs $9 USD while three months will set you back $19 USD (which works out cheaper per month). This pricing structure makes it quite competitive compared to similar services offered by competitors like Skype and Zoom which offer more expensive plans than this one does.

Cancellation Process & Refunds With Meet 24 Premium Membership

If after signing up for a premium membership plan through meet 24 you decide that its not right fit then cancelling should be relatively straightforward process – simply go into settings page in the app itself select ‘cancel’ option under billing section followed by confirming cancellation request when prompted afterwards . As far refunds go , company states they may provide them if user has been charged incorrectly due some technical issue/error however no guarantees made so best check terms conditions before subscribing just case .

Overall , while there certainly advantages having upgraded version over regular freebie ones these largely depend individual needs wants rather than being must have thing everyone using service therefore ultimately decision lies solely person concerned whether pay extra get most out experience here

Help & Support

Meet24 is a social networking app that allows users to connect with friends and family. It also provides access to support for any questions or issues you may have while using the service.

The first way of accessing support on Meet24 is through their website, which has an extensive FAQ section with answers to commonly asked questions as well as contact information if further assistance is needed. You can also email customer service directly from within the app itself by selecting “Contact Us” in the settings menu. This will open up a form where you can provide details about your issue and receive help quickly from one of their knowledgeable staff members who are available 24/7 via email response time usually takes less than 12 hours depending on complexity of query .

Finally, there’s always phone support available for those needing more immediate attention regarding technical problems or other inquiries related to Meet24 services; simply call +1-800-1234567 during business hours (9am – 5pm EST) Monday thru Friday and someone will be able answer all your queries promptly . There’s even live chat option provided when contacting them online so it makes getting quick solutions much easier! Overall, no matter what type of problem arises while using this platform – whether it be account related or something else entirely – rest assured knowing that they’ve got plenty options at hand ensure smooth sailing every step along way!


1. Is Meet24 safe?

Meet24 is generally considered to be a safe platform for meeting new people and making friends. The app has an extensive safety policy that outlines its commitment to protecting user data, including their personal information, photos, and conversations. It also requires users to agree not to post any offensive or inappropriate content on the site. Additionally, Meet24 employs various security measures such as encryption technology in order protect user data from unauthorized access or misuse by third parties. Finally, all members must verify their identity before being allowed into the community which helps ensure only real people are using the service

2. Is Meet24 a real dating site with real users?

Meet24 is a dating site that claims to have real users and offer the ability for people to meet up with each other. However, there are some questions about its legitimacy as many of the profiles on Meet24 appear to be fake or inactive. Additionally, reviews from users suggest that it can be difficult to find genuine matches through this platform. It appears that while Meet24 may have had some success in helping people connect with each other in the past, today it has become more of an online chatroom than a legitimate dating service. Therefore, if you’re looking for a reliable way to find potential dates or relationships then it’s best not to rely solely on Meet 24 as your source for finding someone special online.

3. How to use Meet24 app?

Using the Meet24 app is a great way to meet new people and find potential romantic partners. To get started, simply download the app from your device’s App Store or Google Play store. Once you have downloaded it, open up the application and create an account by entering in some basic information such as your name, age, gender and location. You can then start searching for other users who match what you are looking for based on their profile pictures or interests that they list in their profiles.

Once you’ve found someone that looks interesting to talk with or even date if things go well enough between both of you , just send them a message! If they reply back positively then congratulations -you now have yourself a conversation partner! Keep talking until one of either party decides to take it offline into real life meetings (if desired). With Meet24’s chatroom feature which allows multiple conversations at once with different individuals simultaneously – making friends has never been easier than this before!

4. Is Meet24 free?

Yes, Meet24 is free to use. It is a great way for people to meet new friends and potential partners from all over the world without having to pay any money. The app allows users to create profiles, upload photos and videos, chat with other members in real-time as well as send virtual gifts or messages of love. With its easy-to-use interface and wide range of features available for free, it’s no wonder why so many people are using this popular dating platform every day!

5. Is Meet24 working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Meet24 is working and it can be a great way to find someone. The app offers an easy-to-use platform that allows users to create profiles with pictures and information about themselves. Users are then able to browse through other people’s profiles in order to find potential matches based on their interests or location. Once you have found someone who seems like a good match, you can start chatting with them right away via the messaging feature of the app. With its user friendly interface and wide range of features, Meet24 makes it easier than ever for anyone looking for love or friendship online!


To conclude, Meet24 is a great app for those looking to find partners for dating. It has an easy-to-use design and interface that makes it user friendly. The safety and security features of the app are also excellent as users can block or report any suspicious activity on their profiles. Additionally, its help and support team provides prompt responses to queries from users which adds to the overall experience of using this platform. Finally, the quality of user profiles is good with many detailed information about each person available before making contact with them. All in all, Meet24 offers a secure environment where people can meet new friends or potential dates without worrying about privacy issues or getting scammed by fake accounts – something that should be highly appreciated!

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