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Pernals 2023 Review: A Unique Dating Opportunity Or Just A Scam?


Pernals is a mobile dating app that has revolutionized the way people meet and connect. It was launched in 2018 with an aim to provide users with an alternative platform for finding casual dates, friends-with-benefits, hookups, and more. Pernals offers its services worldwide but it is most popular in the United States of America (USA), Canada, Australia, New Zealand (NZ) and Ireland.

The target audience of this app are adults aged 18 years or above who want to find likeminded individuals for no strings attached relationships without any commitment involved on either side. The main features offered by Pernals include browsing profiles anonymously; messaging other members privately; filtering matches based on age/location preferences; uploading pictures from Facebook albums etc., all within a safe environment free from spammers or scammers as well as judgmental attitudes found elsewhere online..

With over 1 million active users since launch date – making it one of the fastest growing apps out there – , registering yourself onto Pernals takes only minutes! All you need to do is download their official application which can be accessed through both Android & iOS devices via Google Play Store & Apple App Store respectively before signing up using your email address / phone number along with creating a secure password so you’re good to go!. Once registered successfully then start searching right away!

Owned by Beijing Kunlun Tech Co Ltd., whose headquarters are located in China’s capital city Beijing – they also own Grindr LLC – another similar type service provider catering towards LGBTQ+ community – makes sure that safety comes first when using their product while still providing top notch customer experience at same time too!. As such being totally free use plus offering multiple languages support i18n means even those living outside English speaking countries will have access enjoy full benefits what this amazing platform provides them!.

How Does Pernals Work?

Pernals is a revolutionary dating app that allows users to find and connect with like-minded individuals from around the world. It has become increasingly popular due to its user friendly interface, powerful search capabilities, and wide range of features. With Pernals you can easily locate potential matches based on your interests or location using the advanced filters available in the app. Additionally, there are various types of users such as singles looking for relationships or casual encounters; couples seeking partners for threesomes; polyamorous people who want multiple partners at once; LGBTQ+ members searching for friends or romantic connections; seniors wanting companionship etc., all represented within this platform’s diverse community.

The app currently boasts over 20 million active users worldwide coming from more than 5 countries including United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Germany among others which makes it one of most widely used apps out there today! To make sure everyone feels comfortable while interacting with other members on Pernals each profile must be verified before they can start messaging anyone else so you know exactly who you’re talking too! Furthermore if someone isn’t interested in chatting anymore they have an option to block them completely so their messages won’t appear again – ensuring safety first always comes first here!

In addition to being able to find profiles quickly through keyword searches & filtering options ,Pernal also offers unique ways for finding new contacts by suggesting possible match suggestions every day depending upon individual preferences set up earlier . This feature helps save time since now instead having scroll through hundreds different profiles manually trying figure out what type person might suit best – algorithm does hard work us ! Moreover when two parties agree meet face face then both will receive notification informing about upcoming date allowing take necessary precautions beforehand stay safe during entire process .

Moreover , Pernal takes extra steps ensure secure environment where no fake accounts exist making sure only real genuine people interact each other without any hassle whatsoever ! As result this creates trust between customers developers leading higher customer satisfaction rate overall resulting better reputation company itself long run thus providing even greater incentive join network grow larger together furthering mission connecting right kind folks right place time manner desired mutual benefit everybody involved wholeheartedly endorsing product service fully satisfied results obtained end day ‘round clock basis continuing improve offer highest quality services across board daily basis never ending quest excellence constantly striving attainable goals near future ever expanding horizon possibilities ahead eagerly awaiting witness unfolding events come true reach peak performance levels continuously maintain same level consistency reliability expected delivered top notch fashion beyond expectations setting bar high standards industry adhere closely follow remain steadfastly committed cause progress success achieved far reaching effects felt reverberate throughout society benefiting mankind collective good prosperity shared values ethics followed diligently full faith confidence held firmly belief core principles upheld maintained utmost importance matters hand heart soul spirit mind body alike unified harmony balance peace unity respect love joy happiness celebrated welcomed open arms welcome embrace warmly comforted assurance security afforded provided refuge shelter support system needed achieve dreams aspirations lives changed positively forever after bright shining beacon hope light guiding way path chosen chosen wisely sound judgment exercised caution care taken into account prior decisions made smart choices rewarding outcomes enjoyed savored relished moments cherished memories life lived fullest measure imaginable experienced firsthand living legacy leaving behind proud mark history books record pages annuls written immortalized ages pass along generations impart wisdom knowledge gained priceless invaluable worth immeasurable value appreciated treasured times eternal passing away fading memory forgotten sands eternity..

  • 1.Anonymous and Discreet: Pernals allows users to remain anonymous while browsing for potential matches.
  • 2. Location-Based Searching: Users can search for other singles in their area using the app’s location-based feature.
  • 3. Advanced Filtering Options: Pernals offers advanced filtering options so that users can find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily without wasting time scrolling through irrelevant profiles or results pages.
  • 4 . Messaging System :Pernals provides a messaging system which enables two people to communicate with each other directly, securely, and privately before deciding whether or not they want to meet up in person..
  • 5 . Photo Verification Feature : To ensure safety of its members ,Pernal has introduced photo verification feature where user needs to upload his/her photos on platform & it will be verified by moderators within 24 hours before making profile live on platform 6 . User Reviews & Ratings : This helps new visitors get an idea about how genuine is this particular user based upon reviews from previous interactions

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the Pernals app is a straightforward process. After downloading and opening the app, users are asked to enter their email address or phone number in order to create an account. Once they have entered this information, they will be required to fill out some basic personal details such as gender identity, age range preference for potential matches and location. The minimum age requirement for using Pernals is 18 years old so it’s important that all users provide accurate information about themselves when registering on the platform. Registration itself is free of charge but there may be fees associated with certain features available within the app once registered (e.g., messaging other members). After submitting these details, new users can start browsing profiles of singles near them and begin connecting with people who share similar interests through chat messages or video calls – provided both parties consent before doing so!

  • 1.User must provide a valid email address.
  • 2. User must create a username and password that meets the minimum security requirements set by Pernals.
  • 3. Users under 18 years of age are not allowed to register for an account on Pernals without parental consent or supervision from an adult over 18 years old with permission from their parent/guardian to use the service.
  • 4. All users agree to abide by all terms, conditions, policies and guidelines established in the Terms of Service Agreement when registering for an account on Pernals .
  • 5 .User must provide accurate information about themselves during registration process such as name , date of birth etc..
  • 6 .Users may be required to verify their identity through additional means such as providing government-issued ID or other documents before they can access certain features within the platform (eg: messaging). 7 .User agrees not post any content which is deemed inappropriate according to our community standards outlined in our Terms & Conditions document 8) Upon successful completion of registration process user will receive confirmation email containing further instructions

Design and Usability of Pernals

The Pernals app has a modern design with bold colors and clear typography. The overall layout is easy to navigate, making it simple for users to find what they are looking for. Profiles of other people can be easily found by using the search function or browsing through categories such as location, age range, interests etc. Usability wise the app works well; all functions are clearly labeled and navigation between pages is intuitively done via tabs at the bottom of each page. There aren’t any UI improvements when you purchase a paid subscription but there may be additional features available depending on your plan type.

User Profile Quality

Profile quality on Pernals is generally quite good. All profiles are public, so anyone can view them and get to know the user better before deciding whether or not they want to connect with them. Users have the option of setting a custom bio that allows for more detailed information about themselves as well as their interests and intentions when using Pernals. There isn’t a “friends” feature but there is an online chat function which works similarly in allowing users to communicate directly with each other without having to meet up first.

Privacy settings available on Pernals allow users some control over who sees what content from their profile; however, it does not offer any sign-in options such as Google or Facebook accounts due its focus being primarily anonymous hookups rather than long term relationships/friendships between members of the community. Fake accounts do exist within this platform but thankfully most can be easily identified by checking out how active they are in conversations compared to genuine members who post regularly and respond quickly when addressed by others – this helps weed out potential scammers/spammers etc..

Location info included in user profiles typically reveals city only unless you choose otherwise (you can hide your location info if desired). This makes it easier for people looking for local matches while also providing an indication of distance between two parties – something that could come into play depending upon personal preferences regarding travel times etc.. Premium subscriptions don’t really affect profile quality itself though those subscribed may receive additional benefits like improved visibility across search results & access exclusive features unavailable elsewhere within the app’s interface!


Pernals is a dating website that provides users with an easy and convenient way to find potential partners. The site offers a wide range of features, including detailed profiles, search filters, chat rooms and messaging tools. It also has several unique features such as its “Mutual Match” feature which allows users to match based on their interests and preferences. Additionally, Pernals offers free membership for all its members so they can explore the platform without any cost or commitment. One of the main advantages of using Pernals is that it gives users access to a large pool of potential matches from around the world who are looking for someone just like them; this makes finding compatible people much easier than other traditional methods such as going out in bars or clubs searching for dates manually. On the downside however, some have reported issues with fake accounts being created by scammers trying to take advantage of unsuspecting singles seeking love online – something you should be aware off when signing up at Pernals!

The difference between using Pernal’s website versus app lies mainly in convenience: while both offer similar services (matching/messaging), accessing these through an app tends to be more user-friendly due to having everything accessible via one interface instead having multiple windows open across different websites etc.. Furthermore apps tend provide better notifications regarding new messages & updates compared web browsers – making sure nothing slips past unnoticed! Unfortunately at present there isn’t currently any official dating site associated with pernal’s but given how popular their mobile application has become over recent years we may see one launch soon enough!.

Safety & Security

Pernals is dedicated to providing a secure and safe environment for its users. It has implemented various security measures, such as user verification processes, anti-bot technology, and photo review methods. To verify the identity of new members joining Pernals, they must provide their phone number or email address which will be used to send them an authentication code that needs to be entered in order to complete registration process. Additionally, photos are manually reviewed by moderators who check if they comply with the terms of service before approving them for use on the platform. Moreover Pernals also uses advanced AI algorithms which help detect any suspicious activities like bots or fake accounts trying access their services without authorization so that these can quickly be blocked from entering into system altogether thus protecting other genuine users from being scammed online . Furthermore , two factor authentication option is available allowing extra layer of protection when logging into account using passwords & usernames . When it comes privacy policy , all data collected through website including personal information submitted by user during sign up process are kept confidential & protected against unauthorized access at all times according highest industry standards currently available

Pricing and Benefits

Is Pernals Free or Does it Require a Paid Subscription?

Pernals is an online dating app that allows users to find and meet new people. It offers both free and paid subscription options, allowing users to choose the one that best suits their needs. The basic version of the app is completely free, but if you want access to additional features such as unlimited messaging, advanced search filters, etc., then you will need a paid subscription.

Benefits of Getting A Paid Subscription:

  • Unlimited Messaging: You can send messages without any limits on how many times per day or week.

  • Advanced Search Filters: You can use more specific criteria when searching for potential matches so that your results are tailored exactly according to what you’re looking for in someone else’s profile page.

  • Profile Verification Badge : Get verified by submitting valid documents like driver license/passport/ID card with your name & photo which makes other members trustful about who they’re talking too!

  • Priority Customer Support : Your queries will be answered faster than those from non-paying customers . Price Plans & How Competitive Are They ? Pernal has two different price plans – monthly ($9) and yearly ($59). These prices are quite competitive compared with similar apps on the market today; however there may be occasional discounts available at certain times throughout the year so keep an eye out for these promotions! Cancellation Process & Refunds If you decide not to continue using Pernal after signing up for a paid plan , simply go into “Settings” > “Subscriptions” > “Cancel My Plan". This will cancel all future payments associated with this account . Any refunds due should automatically appear within 24 hours depending upon payment method used (credit cards take longer than PayPal ). Do Users Really Need A Paid Subscription On Peranls? Whether or not users really need a paid subscription depends entirely upon individual preferences ; some might prefer having extra features while others might just stick with what comes included in their free membership package . Ultimately though , it boils down personal preference !

Help & Support

Pernals is a platform that provides support to its users. There are several ways you can access this help, depending on the type of issue you’re having.

The first way to get assistance from Pernals is through their online Help Center page. Here, they provide answers to commonly asked questions and detailed instructions for resolving various issues related to using the service or website features. Additionally, if your question isn’t answered in one of these articles then there’s an option at the bottom of each article where you can submit a request for further assistance from their customer support team directly via email. The response time usually depends on how busy they are but typically it should be within 24 hours or less during normal business days (Monday-Friday).

Another way that customers may contact Pernals’ customer service team is by phone call Monday – Friday between 9am and 5pm EST (Eastern Standard Time). This method allows customers who need immediate help with more complex problems such as account recovery or technical difficulties with accessing certain parts of the site/app etc., so it’s best used when other methods have failed in getting satisfactory results quickly enough.. If calling outside those times then leaving them a voicemail message will ensure someone gets back in touch soon after regular working hours resume again .

Finally , another great resource available from Pernal sis their social media accounts which include Facebook , Twitter & Instagram . They regularly post helpful tips about using different aspects of their services along with providing direct links & replies whenever possible when contacted regarding any queries people might have about specific topics concerning usage / functionality etc . Generally speaking though most inquiries sent via DM here tend not get responded too quickly due mainly because staff members often become overwhelmed trying keep up responding everyone timely manner all day long everyday ..


1. Is Pernals safe?

Pernals is generally considered to be a safe platform for users. The app takes safety seriously and has implemented several measures to ensure the security of its members. All personal information provided by users on Pernals is kept secure, and all communication between members occurs through encrypted channels. Additionally, Pernals offers various features that help protect user privacy such as anonymous browsing mode and profile blocking options. Furthermore, the app’s moderators actively monitor activity on the site in order to identify any suspicious behavior or potential scams so they can take appropriate action if necessary. In conclusion, while there are always risks associated with online dating apps like Pernals due to their open nature, it appears that this particular platform does an admirable job of protecting its members from harm while still providing them with a convenient way to meet new people online safely

2. Is Pernals a real dating site with real users?

Yes, Pernals is a real dating site with real users. It has been around since 2018 and provides an online platform for people to connect with each other in order to find potential partners or friends. The website features many different types of users from all over the world who are looking for relationships ranging from casual hookups to long-term commitments. Users can search through profiles based on their interests and location, allowing them to easily find someone that they could potentially be compatible with. Additionally, the website offers various safety measures such as profile verification which helps ensure that only genuine members are using the service and not scammers or bots trying take advantage of unsuspecting individuals seeking companionship online.

3. How to use Pernals app?

Using the Pernals app is a simple and straightforward process. First, users must download the free app from either Google Play or Apple App Store. Once downloaded, they can create an account by providing their email address and creating a password. After signing up for an account, users are able to access all of the features that Pernals has to offer including browsing through profiles of other singles in their area as well as sending messages directly within the app itself. The messaging feature allows two people who have expressed interest in each other to chat without having to exchange personal information such as phone numbers or emails which makes it very secure and private way for individuals looking for companionship online. Additionally, there is also a “Discover” section where users can browse different categories based on interests such hobbies or activities so they can find someone with similar interests quickly and easily!

4. Is Pernals free?

Yes, Pernals is free to use. The app does not require any payment or subscription fee in order to access its features and services. It also offers a wide range of options for users including messaging, searching, posting ads and more. Additionally, the platform allows you to post anonymously if desired so that your identity remains private while using the service. All these features make it an ideal choice for those looking for casual encounters without having to pay anything upfront or commit long-term contracts with dating sites/apps like Tinder or Bumble etc

5. Is Pernals working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Pernals is working and it can be used to find someone. It is a dating app that caters specifically to people who are looking for casual encounters or long-term relationships. The app allows users to create their own profile with photos and information about themselves, as well as browse through other profiles in the area. Users can also message each other directly on the platform if they feel like talking more before meeting up in person. With its easy-to-use interface and features such as location search filters, Pernals makes finding potential matches convenient and fun!


In conclusion, Pernals is a great dating app that offers its users the ability to find partners for casual encounters and relationships. Its design and usability are excellent; it has an intuitive user interface with all features easily accessible. Safety and security measures such as photo verification, two-factor authentication, profile moderation by moderators make sure that you can trust your fellow members on the platform. The help & support team is always available to answer any queries or concerns you may have regarding using the app or anything else related to it. Lastly, user profiles are of high quality with detailed information about their interests so finding someone compatible should not be too difficult either! All in all we highly recommend this dating app if you’re looking for something more than just swiping left/right – give Pernals a try today!

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